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Hello pretty people!

27th of Jan I was lucky enough to be invited to Benefit’s press event! The invite already said it, bronze have more fun and may your ”tan”tasy come true. This has to be a Hoola day! If this doesn’t make any sence yet, it is of course the one and only hoola bronzer. And I am going to be completely honest with you.. (don’t tell benefit) but i never used it before. Shame on me. A must have for a make-up artist, or just for any human being . I do know that i think it’s the cutest looking bronzer ever.

This event was in Tropicana, Hoola Bar. Another explanation for the people who are wondering what Tropica is. That was one of the best places of my childhood. Biggest tropical swimming pool ever, and the wild rafting slides was in my (12 year old) eyes surviving like they do on discovery channel in the rivers of the jungle book. Every kid for themselves  to make it out alive. Slides that came out of space and I wasn’t even allowed to go on it because you needed a swimming diploma! If we were lucky we went there every month and stayed, again in my 12 year old eyes, till midnight. And when we were finally in bed, my legs were still floating and had old lady hands. But sadly, rumour has it that they but razerblads in the slides and the pool closed FOR EVER.. After years wondering and having a sad image in my mind of empty pools, dead palmtrees and children’s laugh echoing in a distance, benefit killed it. Tropicana was alive. And this party was in the wild rafting pool, including palmtrees, girls with coconut bra’s and boys with surfboards. And the best part, a LOT of make-up and a LOT of food. Benefit officially beat my tropicana fantasty.

Always a bit awkward when you step in alone but I met some wonderfull people who were so kind to me and inspired me to try even harder. Inspired to make this website. On the picture you see me and Lariesa, a super sweet makeup artist and blogger and she was so nice! She became my wing girl for the day and had a wonderfull time with her. Take a look at her website, she is amazing! thebeautynerd We had some drinks, we played with make-up and we met the new Hoola Family members.


Dew the Hoola, a liquid Hoola to bronze or contour. The product had a matte finish and is perfect to give your face some extra colour. You can use it on top of the foundation or for those summer days when we are blessed with not needing a foundation. They also demonstraded the contouring part, and it looks so beautiful and natural. Currently: Obsessed. Yes. I use it everyday and soon will demostrate it in a video/review.benefit_dew-the-hoola-pd_900x900Hoola Zero Tanlins. You heard it, ZERO tanlines. This awesome brand made it possible for us to have some colour, without the selftanning lines and orange hands. It’s a very dark liquid.. something. Don’t be afraid when you see the colour because the moment you use it, it blends out perfectly with you skin and leave a natural effect. You can even build it up with more layers. Let it dry and it won’t leave anything on your favorite white dress, and if you don’t have any patience it will come out in the washing! It won’t stay or have a self tanning effect. A quick shower and it’s gone.


So here I am, Hoola FAN. First things first.. I need to buy the Hoola bronzer asap!

I want to thank Benefit again for inviting me and for this amazing day and making my childhood memories come true again, and for making it even better!

Thank you for reading and get your Hoola on!

x Linda

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  1. Sandrinha says: Beantwoorden

    Great review. Keep up the good work girl

    1. Linda says: Beantwoorden

      Thank you my loverrrrrrr

  2. Love it! Leuk geschreven meis <3

    1. Linda says: Beantwoorden

      Thanks schatje en ook voor het kijken!!! <3

  3. Vond het echt super gezellig met jou!! Heel veel succes met je blog, ziet er nu al heel goed uit! Je portefolio ziet er echt awesome uit. :)

    1. Linda says: Beantwoorden

      Ik ook met jou!! Dankjewel schat!! Tot snel xxxx

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