About me

Hello sweet people!

Welcome to my website. WARNING: this website contains a lot of make-up, make-up and make-up.

My name is Linda Marin Sanchez. Half Dutch, half Spanish living in Holland/England. It was always my dream to become a make-up artist. I didn’t know how or when but it had to happen. 2 years ago I joined make-up school next to my job. Locked myself in my room and watched youtube videos 24/7.  And i got all the questions. The ”how are you going to do this?” the ”What’s your plan?” ”Can you find a ‘real’ job in Make-up?” And i would say with a straight face: ”I will succeed and it will happen. 100% sure.” I often get the sarcastic ”yes, sure you can” or that i souldn’t be so confident/arrogant because it’s not that easy. And that’s true, it’s certainly not easy. But it’s SO worth it.

And now 2 years later i worked with the best brand. Tom Ford, Estee Lauder, Urban Decay, Rotterdam Fashion Week and a lot more. And i’m loving it! Something i didn’t even dare to dream about before. Nothing is more important in life than doing something that makes you happy. And i am lucky enough to say i am a very happy girl!

With this I want to say to everyone who can’t see the light anymore at the end of the tunnel, or for everyone who think they can’t. YOU CAN. I know it’s cliche but if you really want something, you really can.

From now on i want to share my story, my make-up advices, turotials, reviews and my life with you! I hope you will join my journey. And if you have any questions (about everything) please reach out to me!!

Thank you for visiting this website and.. stay tuned!